Final Mock Draft (4/28)

As Tom Petty once said, the waiting is the hardest part.  Well, thankfully, the wait is over and draft day is upon us.  There is still some uncertainty about the #1 overall pick, and if the Panthers surprise us at it will undoubtedly shake things up.   I think there will most certainly be at least one trade, as a team in need of a QB will try and move up to get their franchise signal caller.  Here, to the best of my ability, is my idea of how the 1st round will pan out.

1. Carolina-Cam Newton:  Not a fan of “Jamarcus Newton,” but think this is where they’ll go.

2. Denver-Marcel Dareus: Von Miller/Patrick Peterson are just as likely, but Denver needs an interior presence and he would be one for sure

3. Buffalo-Von Miller:  Tremendous talent at an absolute area of need.  Pass rush was no existant last season.

4. Cinncinnatti-AJ Green: The more I think about it, the more I can see the Bengals taking Gabbert.  Everyone seems to think that Green is their guy though, and this is definitely a Mike Brown pick.

5. Arizona-Patrick Peterson-How things can change.  Arizona reportedly not interested in Gabbert, so I think they’ll go Patrick Peterson.  Paired with DRC, they’ll be arguably the best 1-2 tandem at Cb in the league.  Another option here is Richard Quinn.

6. Cleveland-Julio Jones-There are a number of ways the Browns could go here.  On value alone, Peterson is the obvious choice.  But the Browns spent the #7 pick last year on Joe Haden, so I don’t think they’ll do that.  Robert Quinn would also fill a huge void.  But Jones is a #1 WR which they don’t have, and he’ll make life easier for Colt McCoy.

7. San Francisco-Blaine Gabbert-Harbough will snatch up gabbert and make him the QB of the future.  Alex Smith can be the stop gap as Gabbert sits and learns the system.

8. Tennessee-Andy Dalton- I can’t believe this is true, but the hype seems to be that the Titans love and will end up selecting him # 8 overall.  I think DT is a much more pressing need, but we shall see.

9 Dallas Cowboys-Tyron Smith-This is another team that would love to get Peterson, but don’t see it happening.  If they don’t trade down, I think they’ll address the tackle position that is thin on talent.  Prince Amukamora is another option.

10 Washington Redskins-Jake Locker-The Redskins have much more pressing needs than QB, but Snyder loves the flashy pick and locker definitely fits the description.  OLB and DT/DE are also huge needs.

11 Houston Texans-Richard Quinn-This would be a great pick for Houston.  Though they are rumored to be looking to move up, Quinn would step in at the OLB position and help their pass rush.

12. Minnessota Vikings-Aldon Smith-  I changed my mind, and I don’t think Speilman reaches for a quarterback.  Instead, he’ll opt to add a premiere pass rusher to eventually replace Ray Edwards.

13. Detroit Lions-Prince Amukamara- I initially had the Lions taking Constanzo, but I decided against it because I just can’t see them passing on Amukamara.  CB is just as big a need and Amukamara is much better value than Costanzo.

14. St. Louis Rams-Corey Liguet- The Rams really need some help at DT and liuget is a monster.  They could also really use a WR, but without a trade the value won’t be there.

15. Miami Dolphins-Mike Pouncey-The Dolphins O-line needs help and Pouncey would provide it.  Miami could also use a Qb or a Rb, so Ingram is a possiblity here.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars-Ryan Kerrigan-  Kerrigan to the Jags is picking up steam.  He’s a max effort guy and they seem to value character.  They could also use a DB, but I think Jimmy Smith’s character concerns will push them off many draft boards.

17. New England Patriots-Cameron Jordan-They need a 3-4 D end, and he is a good one.  They are supposedly looking to trade up, possibly for Patrick Peterson or Robert Quinn, but I smell a smokescreen.

18. San Diego Chargers-JJ Watt-The Chargers need help along the defensive line and Watt is a beast. 

19. New York Giants-Anthony Costanzo-  The Giants need eventual replacements for Kareem Mckenzie and David Diehl, and Constanzo could be a piece to the puzzle.  The Giants love defensive lineman, and DT is a need.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Adrian Clayborn-The Bucs really need a Defensive end, and though there are health concerns with this guy, he was a dominant force at Iowa.

21. Kansas City-Gabe Carmini-The Chiefs really need help along the offensive line.  They could also use a linebacker or WR, but this is priority numero uno in my opinion.

22. Indianapolis Colts-Nate Solder -The Colts O-line is terrible, and Bill Polin admitted he made a mistake in taking jerry hughes over roger saffold last year.  Solder could eventually supplant Charles Johnson and take over the LT position

23. Philadelphia Eagles-Jimmy Smith-CB is a huge need for the Eagles, and while he’s marred with off the field concerns Smith is a top 10 talent.  They also need help along the offensive line so that’s another possibility.

24. New Orleans Saints-Mark Ingram-the long term futures of Pierre thomas and reggie bush are uncertain, and the Saints have been reported to like Ingram.  They also really need an outside linebacker or De, but I don’t see the value here.

25. Seattle Seahawks-Muhammad Wilkerson-I can see Seattle taking the Temple DT.  They need help on the interior D line.  QB, CB and DE are also options here.

26. Baltimore Ravens-Da’Qwan Bowers- I’m very reluctant to make this pick, given the fact that they were burned by Sergio Kindle last year, but Bowers here is a phenomenal value at a position of need.  Aaron williams is also a possiblity.

27. Atlanta Falcons-Kyle Rudolph-There are reports the Falcons could try and trade up for AJ Green or Julio Jones, but I think they’ll stay put and take the TE from Notre Dame. 

28. New England Patriots-Akeem Ayers-The Pats add a pass rushing threat here and continue to improve their young defense.

29. Chicago Bears-Jon Baldwin-Really do believe that the Bears will add the boom or bust Baldwin here to give Cutler a true #1.

30. New York Jets-Phil Taylor-Kris Jenkins is done and the Jets need a 3-4 NT.  Taylor again might be a reach but he’s got the talent to excell.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers-Aaron Williams-There are reports that Tomlin wants to trade up and grab Pouncey, but I don’t see it happening.  Instead, they’ll sure up their weakest position, CB.

32. Green Bay Packers-Danny Watkins-high character, hard working guy fits the Packers very well.


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